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I’m drawing atla characters as halloween monsters…who’s next? (someone saw right through me @dickpuncher420 bc the only reason I’m drawing this atla halloween series in the first place is bc of vampire zuko and werewolf sokka omfg ;; the matching moons…too much for me…fun fact: zuko’s a blood moon and sokka’s a blue moon)

werewolf sokka ▸ frankenstein monster tophmummy aang ▸ witch katara


【Katara’s School Life】(Avatar: The Last Airbender AU) 

This complicated feelings toward the ending…
and after all the readings from the interviews…
…..errr…..em….arrgghh……im trying hard to get over it OK? 

Doodles save lives.


Clash of cultures. Katara ,Sokka  and vegetarianism. It seems that they will need time to get used to this idea.:)

This is a sketch from the series about werewolves, but in fact the situation is close to the canon. Is that then Katara and Sokka should be younger.