Hi there! So I started reading perfect places and I love it! But anytime I try and use the ‘past’ or ‘from the beginning’ buttons they always just lead to the top of your blog and not anything fic related. I don’t know if that’s just me but you might want to check your links just in case!



Hm, that’s really strange. I just checked the links on the most recent ones and they’re working fine for me?

Here’s the beginning, for you, though. And if that still doesn’t work for some reason, there’re links on the side of my blog, or it’s /perfect-places-i (or -ii, respectively) at the end of my url, if it’s easier to cut the middleman and type it manually.

Sorry for the technological hiccup, friend–and thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy it as much as we’re enjoying writing it.

I was having the same problem. To get caught up I had to search the perfect place tag on both blogs

Are you on desktop or mobile? If you right click/hold down on the links, what does the url that comes up say?

@painting-serenity, same questions