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#like i adore the ship but it’s got K/lance Holier Than Thou vibes just b/c it’s mlm and i’m sorry but that kinda shit annoys me when there’s#a beautiful subversive interacial m/f relatinship right there that has respect understanding and none of the usual male entitlement and#toxicity wrapped up in it#salt to taste#i guess i just feel like you can’t call zu/tara shippers toxic and delusional when your pretty little mlm ship is literally the exact same#but it’s just boys#bye



Look Zutara is a huge bro-tp of mine. I love them but I can never ship them.

Because of “The Southern Raiders”

Zuko means well, but he encourages Katara to go for revenge and hatred.

Aang, on the other hand, acknowledges her pain and desire for revenge but also provides her with another path that will help her grow and heal.

zuko indulges her toxic behavior and Aang supports her by being honest.

Aang literally compares the murder of Katara’s mother to an animal going missing, tells her she’s acting like a genocidal maniac, and then pretends like he knows what’s best for her, refusing to let the forgiveness thing go for the entire episode, even after Katara says that’s not what she needs. He doesn’t listen to her; he preaches at her.

Zuko does nothing but figure out what’s wrong and give her the opportunity to find closure, no matter how she chooses to do that. He never once says “hey, here’s your revenge.” In fact, he’s mostly silent while Katara is hunting down Yon Rha. He asks about her mother and what happened, something Aang never does.

Oh, and Aang was wrong in the end. Katara didn’t need to forgive Yon Rha to move on. But go off, I guess.