firstly, I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet over here—I absolutely haven’t forgotten about the ongoing threads (and fics) and I fully intend on continuing, but I’ve been seriously hunkering down and focusing on original fiction lately, and I just wanted to come here and shout about how I finally finished the first draft of Part I tonight!!

I’ve been abysmally stuck on the last chapter in this part for… probably well over a year by this point, but with the help of a very good friend keeping me accountable for some words every day, I’ve finally gotten through it.

There’s still a lot more to get through, but the initial pass of the main bulk of the first third of this book is finally done and I am just so happy

(for anyone insatiably curious, I do have the first couple chapters of one draft version of this up on wattpad)

Teaandcrowns here—I’m currently myself on mobile at work with awful internet connection. I’ll try and take a look at some stuff when I get home on my laptop, but I admit I’m not really familiar at all with android os. I will see if there’s anything I can do, though! Theadamantdaughter may very well put it all up on Ao3 for us, so if that works for you with her other threads, that might be the best answer. I’ll try and see if I can’t figure out anything else in the meanwhile.



No worries. I’m not terribly bothered by it. When I saw someone else was having the same issue I thought I’d speak up just to say hey it’s not an isolated event. Although I admit it makes it difficult to catch up on the threads I don’t really mind doing it the hard way (when I find the time) because I’m enjoying them so much

Still, the whole point of the links was for ease of access, so if they’re not doing their job, I want to fix them, or at least provide a working alternative for anyone else having the issue, since it does seem to work for others.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find any answers–most of the android stuff I could find was more about how to open links in any app, or how to add links to your mobile tumblr.

Tumblr doesn’t seem to have a different mobile redirect (like etc) like some sites have, so I can’t even add a second link tailored specifically for mobile users.

Sorry I couldn’t come up with a better answer! I wonder if it’s something with my theme, or a random broken… redirect…, or even if it’s more to do with the android version of the app? From your screenshot, it looked as if the links I have in my description (and the formatting) weren’t working properly, either.

The best thing I can suggest so you don’t have to go digging through our tags is to copy the link (because it’s the direct link embedded in the text) and copy (or select it to open) into a browser outside the mobile app.

I wish I could have fixed it for you and @painting-serenity and anyone else having issues.

I totally agree with the other anon about continuously refreshing my dashboard to see if you and @theadamantdaughter have updated the threads yet!!! Lol absolutely wonderful job you both are doing even though you just started RPing with her :D

Thank you, too! I wish I could update more quickly—but alas, the demands of my current job prevent that.

It helps that @theadamantdaughter and I are both seasoned RPers/writers, and a good dose of luck that our writing styles lend well to one another. It’s immediately been a ton of fun. So much fun, actually, that I’ve been entirely consumed with these threads instead of working on fics that I should be getting finished. Whoops.