While he is traveling in Orlais sometime between 9:31 Dragon and 9:38 Dragon, for a period of time, Maretus is under the employ of the Marquise of Val Fontaine, Seine du Fontaine, as her personal bodyguard.

After that, he travels down to Ferelden eventually sometime after 9:38 Dragon, arriving in the Frostbacks after the Conclave explosion in 9:40, arriving in Haven while the Inquisition is occupying it. It is here he first meets the healer Vanora upon arrival, and then when he goes looking for work within the Inquisition, is assigned for a time to Maxima Aurum, as her bodyguard and escort due to his experience and being from Tevinter as well.

After a time, he is taken aside by Commander Cullen himself and asked if he would be willing to train the growing number of Inquisition soldiers Tevene tactics, as it is known that he has a military background, even if the exact nature of his rank is unknown. He accepts this position, and it holds it for remainder of Inquisition events. During this time, he gets to know Vanoravery well and becomes closer friends with her than he would have expected, ultimately growing feelings much deeper than simple friendship with her, though he has yet to admit them to himself, much less to her.

Other friendships and acquaintances he strikes up while part of the Inquisition include the wandering Keeper Haleir, whom he finds to be quite amicable, though also rather unsettling, due to the prominent display of his powerful magic. He also encounters the occasional visitor of Lady Alexander Markham, whom he does not know well, but escorts her around when she requests for him.