Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Leo

The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a very warm-hearted, honest, and open personality. The pairing blends the personal dash, optimism, enthusiasm and directness of Sagittarius, with the warmth, generosity, pride, and authoritativeness of Leo. You have a love of mankind and a code that combines good judgment with a very tolerant attitude. This combination is very dedicated; dedicated to honor, prestige, and achieving stature in the world. And to attain you goals, you are not one to take shortcuts; not one to lie, to cheat, or to do anything underhanded in order to gain an advantage. Honor is all important and your word is an unbreakable bond.

The fiery combination of these two signs doesn’t need any unfair advantages to succeed because there is more than enough energy and enthusiasm to get where you want to be. You’ll keep pursuing your goals long after others have thrown in the towel. When you go after something, you go after it tooth and nail. Any obstacle you face is considered only a temporary problem and little gets you down for long. This is a very positive combination, quite indicative of happiness and success. If you can avoid scattering your energies, you can move mountains.

You are naturally inclined toward public service, either in law, education, or government. The prestige of the position being more important than the salary. This is a high-minded combination, full of ideas and ideals. You may have problems dealing with the small people of the world that refuse to grow and progress. You are intellectually philosophic, broad-minded, and highly creative. Your creativity is in the ability to form an image in your mind and then bring to reality that clear picture you envisioned. You take life seriously, with a keen sense of the importance of making the most of it. Unless something is really messed up in your chart, you are truly a super person.

Cancer Rising

The Moon rules the sign Cancer, and therefore is called the ruler of your horoscope. When the Moon is so predominate in a chart, it produces a personality that is sensitive and a little on the timid side. You like to feel out a situation before projecting yourself into it. The Moon is the indicator of emotions, the feelings, and the sensitivities. It is also closely related to the mothering instinct. You are very protective of those who are close to you, as you are protective of yourself. If you don’t have a family around you to mother, you’ll probably exhibit these characteristics with your friends.

Being extremely receptive, you may be somewhat psychic or at least extremely sensitive to your environment. Your moods are very strong and changeable, much like the tides. You are ruled by your strong emotions and intuition. You can change moods in a significant way, two or three times in any day. You respond to life through feelings and emotions, instead of from thinking. You can become easily upset, but never stay that way for any length of time. When you are in control of your emotions, you can be the most understanding person one could hope to find. You are compassionate and receptive, in touch with those around you. When you are not in control, you can be miserable; the victim of your moods and sensitivities.

The symbol of Cancer is the crab. Like the crab, a Cancer Ascendant often chooses an indirect approach to meeting objectives. There is a tendency to retreat when directly confronted, but with a tenacity of purpose that is unsurpassed. The Crab is always vulnerable, but seeks shelter in a rock-hard shell. Like the crab, you can protect yourself with a shell-like personality that can make you nearly unapproachable when you feel threatened.

You identify strongly with your family, and a solid “home base” is essential to your well-being. There is a very strong connection with background and tradition, leaning toward a sense of heritage and warm, homey trappings. You can become very attached and sentimental about people, places, and belongings. You are particularly affected by memorabilia that reminds you of good times and special people.

You pick up the feelings of those around you. This makes you especially sensitive to slights, or just about any other type of negative energy. It’s important for you to avoid people with problems because you are so receptive that you pick up their problems as your own.