..|| Rogue Tree by Inquisition

                      ..|| Abilities

 Dirty Fighting The rogue incapacitates a target, who takes no damage from the attack but is stunned for a short time.

 Combat MovemenThe quick-stepping rogue can more easily outmaneuver opponents, granting a wider flanking angle that makes backstabs easier to achieve.

 Lethality The rogue has a keen eye for weak spots, and thus gains a bonus to critical chance for all attacks. 

  Evasion The rogue gains an almost preternatural ability to sense and avoid danger.

 Deft Hands | Improved Tools All rogues have some understanding of opening locks and spotting traps, but particularly dexterous hands and a steady grip give them a bonus when picking locks or disarming traps. The rogue has taken to carrying a full set of implements designed to defeat trickier locks and spring traps without harm. 

 Stealth | Stealthy Item Use The rogue has learned to fade from view, although perceptive enemies may not be fooled. Taking any action beyond movement, including engaging in combat or using items, will still attract attention. The rogue has learned how to use items while sneaking.

 ✦✦✧✧ Coercion You are influential enough to convince others to change their views. Strength contributes to a more intimidating character, whereas cunning contributes to a more persuasive character. (Cunning)

 ✦✧✧✧ Survival You can detect the presence of nearby creatures below the character’s own level. This skill also grants a small bonus to nature resistance. (+5% Nature Resistance)

 ✦✦✦✧ Stealing You are so quick-fingered that victims almost never notice the theft until it’s too late.

 ✦✦✧✧ Trap-making You have learned to create complex second-tier traps and lures, and can now detect enemy traps at greater range than previously.

 ✦✦✦✦ Herbalism Your vast knowledge of herbs permits creation of potent fourth-tier potions, poultices, and salves.

 ✦✦✦✧ Poison-making You have learned exotic new techniques for making poisons and grenades up to the third level of potency.

✦✦✦✧ Animal Husbandry
✦✦✦✧ Equestrianism

                      ..|| Active Skills

 Miasmic Flask The rogue lobs an explosive flask into a group of enemies, briefly stunning them.

Rush The rogue rushes forward, attempting to knock down the target and all nearby enemies.

Armistice The rogue distracts all enemies surrounding a single party member, drawing them away from that ally and redirecting them.

 Back to Back The rogue stealths and moves to an ally’s side, appearing an instant later, ready to render aid.

Goad The rogue incites all enemies in an area into attacking them.

Caltrops You scatter spikes behind you, hurting and slowing down enemies who come after you.

Evade You leap away from incoming attacks, putting yourself where oyu need to be to win the fight.

 Knockout Powder You throw a handful of dosed dust into an enemy’s face, putting them to sleep for a short time.

                      ..|| Passive Skills

m✦✦✦✦ Fighting Dirty All of your sunder and poison effects last longer as you make more potent toxins and uglier woundsuglier wounds

Blindside The rogue becomes capable of more potent attacks when engaging distracted opponents.

Twist the Knife The rogue is more interested in victory than ensuring a fair fight.

Speed The rogue attacks with much greater speed.

Subtlety The rogue is adept at the art of subtlety and distraction, generating significantly less threat from all attacks and abilities. As as result, enemies are far less likely to turn on the rogue.

                      ..|| Specializations


Dueling The duelist focuses on proper form.

 Upset Balance The duelist executes a quick move that throws the opponent off balance, imposing penalties to movement speed and defense.

 Keen Defense The duelist has an uncanny knack for simply not being there when the enemy attacks.

 Pinpoint Strike The duelist has learned to strike the vitals of an enemy with pinpoint accuracy and from any angle.

 Throw the Gauntlet The duelist issues an irresistible challenge to a single foe. The enemy immediately abandons their other opponents to engage the duelist.

Sure Strikes The experienced duelist has survived many a combat and is more likely to hit foes.

Parry The duelist’s defenses are strengthened; against an opponent who has picked up the gauntlet, the duelist’s defenses are nigh impenetrable.

Evasive Maneuvers After years of extensive training, the duelist has become keenly aware of incoming attacks.

 Vendetta Every duelist knows that the most memorable fights happen at close quarters… and that the first strike in the most crucial. To gain that advantage, the duelist uses their exceptional speed and skill to dart across even the whole battlefield to strike at their enemy.


Hackamore You have fostered an excellent bond with your mount and can guide it simply by your knees, leaving your hands free for other tasks.
War Gait You’re well-balanced enough in the saddle to make tricky maneuvers in combat while keeping your seat.
Battlefield Dance Such is the coordination between you and your mount that even the shift of your weight directs it where to go, allowing the two of you to move as one in a fight.
Trick Riding Your trust in your mount and training have paid off, and your mount counterbalances you, enabling you free movement to pick up items from even the ground at will.
Balancing Act Your balance takes on an entirely new facet, as does the steadiness of your mount, to be able to stand both in the stirrups and on top of the very saddle itself even while in motion.
Vault You are able to mount your steed in any fashion–including from either side or from the back–while in full motion or still.
Dragoon You maneuver both yourself and your mount expertly within a fight, and are able to dismount to fight in the middle of any skirmish without penalty.
Arms of the Dragoon You no longer have to dismount to fight with a blade or other weapon from the saddle in the thick of combat.
Lunge You are able to hang the length of your body from the saddle freely and move about from one side to the other even when your mount is at full speed, evading and even hiding from enemy sight.
Death Drag Feigning death in the saddle is now a tactic in your repertoire. You hang seemingly limply and dangerously close to the ground until surprising an enemy with an attack.
Leap of Faith Your mount and you are so in tune that you are able to leap off its back to join a fight on the ground and it will continue to fight and move around in tandem with you.
Ten Point Landing When you leap off your mount, you land directly on an enemy, blade out and cutting deep as you go.
Hat Trick When you leap off your mount it’s to the aid of an ally, landing between them and any opponents attacking them.


Flask of Frost This flask coats you in an icy skin that increases your armor and freezes enemies that strike you in melee combat.

Flask of Fire This flask coats you in flames that spur you into frenzied action.

Flask Master Your experience with elixers has made you better equipped to handle potions and other comsumables, letting you carry more of them at a time.

Ride the Storm The effect of your elixer lasts longer.

Fury of the Storm When you are exhausted, you fight even harder, lashing out with fury to win the fight.

Killer’s Alchemy You can use more concentrated elixers that give you an uncanny edge in battle.

Flask of Lightning This flask sends you into a heightened state of incredible speed.

Thousand Cuts You choose a target, then dash to and fro–a shadow leaving blood with every leap.