Chenra Adafyd marries Brennan Nancevel, and begets eight children as follows:
                   ❧ Wenn firstborn daughter

                   ❧ Ruan secondborn son

                   ❧ Perran thirdborn son

                   ❧ Lya fourthborn daughter

                   ❧ Jorah fifthborn son

                   ❧ Morgann sixthborn son

                   ❧ Lywc seventhborn daughter

                   ❧ Eldwen eightborn son

 Never had much chance access to reading, and as such, while she is not illiterate, she’s not very well read at all. Now at Skyhold, she spends a decent portion of her time when not training looking at titles in the library without picking up the books, unsure of where to even start. She’s embarrassed around so many mages and nobles and to be as unread as she is.

 Very much likes to sing, though untrained–clear alto vocal range. She knows mostly folk tunes and ballads, stories and histories in song. 

 Only knows folk/peasant dances, but enjoys dancing even so, despite not having much occasion to do so.