9:12 Dragon       -Born the seventh child of eight

9:20 Dragon       -Meets Aylis and her son Bryn
                            -Begins her herbal/alchemical training

9:24 Dragon       -Heads to Wycome
                            -Kills a man, loses her job, and is forced to resort to pickpotetry and theivery to survive

9:25 Dragon       -Meets Iona, head of the theives’ guild in Wycome, who invites her into the guild and takes her under her wing

                          || ( c h i l d h o o d ) ||

9:30 Dragon       -Becomes prime smuggler for the guild

9:34 Dragon       -Finds Bryn in Wycome
                            -Leaves the guild at his request to help him start an alchemy business
                            -Ends up smuggling for him, too; confronts him about lyrium supplies he’s been getting
                            -Gets into nasty fight that leaves her right eye bright lyrium blue

9:35 Dragon       -Leaves Wycome to roam the Free Marches
                            -Finds and befriends and names Annwn

9:36 Dragon       -Competes in the Grand Tourney and wins
                            -The Celebrant is stolen from her

9:36-41 Dragon  -Roams Free Marches helping countryfolk and their livestock, dealing with bandits, liberating race horses

9:41 Dragon       -Sought out by the Inquisitor to help cure the sickness in Inquisition horses, then joins the Inquisition as Horsemaster and Duelist

                           || ( a d u l t h o o d ) ||