A human rogue duelist and alchemist, using a sharp and lean sword in one hand and a frightfully deadly dagger in the other, having a great kinship with horses, and a penchant for being in the saddle.


Varric’s Nickname for them: Horseshoes

Default Tarot Card: Strength

How they are recruited: IN SICKNESS AND HEALTH  quest.

After clearing the area of corrupted beasts, horsemaster Dennet tells the Inquisitor that some of his horses are acting oddly, as if they were mad and taken with some sort of illness both, something he’s never seen before. He speaks of hearing about a rider up near Wycome who has an uncanny way with horses, and Dennet thinks this rider just might be able to help the mounts. The Inquisitor must travel up to a small town, Haylewen, north of Wycome and search the surrounding delta area for the Rider Dennet speaks of. The innkeep of Haylewen informs you the Rider’s name is Lywc, and for about a year or so, she has been offering services as an ostler there when they have need, but that she ran off chasing after a wounded horse that bolted. A search along the Minanter delta seems fruitless until a loud whinny grabs the Inquisitor’s attention from behind a large cropping of rocks. Once around the cropping, there stands a tall roan horse with an arrow deep in its flank. A woman with long black hair in riding leathers speaks quietly to it, keeping it calm.

She spots the Inquisitor and says sharply to stay back unless they want to help. If the Inquisitor offers to help, she hands you the reigns to hold onto while she tends the horse’s wound. If the Inquisitor does not offer help, they watch as she ties the reigns to a nearby fallen driftwood tree and tends the horse’s wounds.

Once finished, she turns to the Inquisitor with bloody fingers and asks what they are about out here. The Inquisitor relates Dennet’s request for help and after a moment’s consideration, she agrees to go and help once she leads the horse back to the inn.

The next time the Inquisitor go to Redcliff Farms and speak with Dennet, he thanks them for getting Lywc to come down and help, and that she is in the stables now. If the Inquisitor goes to speak with her about what happened, around working she tells you that the horses ingested corrupted grass or grains somehow, but she was able to give them a mixture that allowed them to pass it quickly. There is an option to comment on the unpleasant particulars of horse excretion at this point, and she laughs if it is chosen. The Inquisitor can ask about what happened to the horse up in Haylewen–she snorts and says its owner was an idiot who got himself into more trouble than he was worth by far and his horse suffered for it, but now his horse was fine. If the Inquisitor asks about hearing how some people put down wounded horses like that, she frowns and folds her arms over her chest, stating most people that do that sort of thing don’t know what they’re about, and she’d seen horses recover from lance wounds and live healthy lives after. Sure, she goes on, they may not run in any more tourneys or wars, but their usefulness to humans or elves or qunari doesn’t define their value.

At this point she says if the Inquisitor plans on using horses for the Inquisition, it might be best if she sticks around to make sure they get the best treatment and care. The Inquisitor can accept her offer to become part of the Inquisition, or reject it and tell her the Inquisition doesn’t need another horse caretaker.

Where they are in Skyhold: In a grassy, tamped down riding ring near the stables.

Things they Generally Approve of: Stepping up to a task or responsibility, making firm decisions, showing compassion and helping others, puns, showing self-control

Things they Generally Disapprove of: Indecision, fanaticism, being too heavy-handed in judgement, inaction, showing a lack of restraint in too many things, displaying no concern for the well-being of others, exhibiting no self-control

Mages, Templars, Other: Equal Approval for making a decision siding with either, expressing that while it was a hard choice to make, one had to be made.

Friends in the Inquisition: Blackwall, the Iron Bull, Cole

Romanceable: Yes, open to all races and those of the male persuasion. If unromanced, she will comment on how she fancies Commander Cullen, but doesn’t think anything would happen between them.

Small side mission: NOT EXACTLY A WINDMILL quest.

Blackwall and Lywc spar outside the stables and he comments on how she fights very much like the last winner of the Grand Tourney he was at, and she lets out a sigh and tells him the winner’s prize blade, the Celebrant, was stolen from her years ago by a rival and a sore loser. The Inquisitor can take her up to the Free Marches to find her old rival, Daren, and confront him about getting the blade back.

Once they find him, the Inquisitor can encourage Lywc to accept Daren’s response to her confrontation–a challenge to duel for the Celebrant–not interfere, which results in Lywc accepting the challenge, or the Inquisitor can step in and ask Lywc if she really thinks it’s worth fighting over. Depending on the choice, Lywc either wins the blade back in the duel but kills Daren in the process, or she agrees with the Inquisitor about a mere sword she hadn’t even had for all these years not being worth the trouble: she comments on how it was too bulky for her liking, anyhow. Daren then decides to give her the blade back anyway, swayed by the words of the Inquisitor as well.

Once back in Skyhold, Lywc gives the Celebrant to the Inquisitor either brecause of the guilt she now feels over it, or because she wants to thank the Inquisitor for helping her realize it was a petty thing to fight over and is glad that she didn’t.

Companion quest: THE SPLINTER IN YOUR EYE quest.

A stained letter comes for Lywc–once the Inquisitor accepts it, the questline is triggered. The Inquisitor cannot take it to Lywc–she is not in the stables, or anywhere on the map, but a messenger comes to the Inquisitor in the middle of the night, telling them Lywc is outside asking for them. The Inquisitor goes out to find her sitting on the floor, head in her hands. Once she is aware of the Inquisitor’s presence, she asks if the Anchor might have any healing properties or maybe just be able to close the hole about to open in her skull. 

When the Inquisitor asks what’s wrong, Lywc tells them the awful headaches she gets semi-regularly have been getting worse, and that she sometimes has nightmares and strange dreams even in waking–all three getting worse all of a sudden and coalescing into a peircing crescent of pain behind her right eye. The Inquisitor calls for a healer, and once Lywc calms down, they mention that a letter arrived for Lywc earlier and give it to her. 

She reads it and is clearly upset by it–she tells the Inquisitor it is from someone she used to be close to, and he writes of rifts and corrupted beasts around her home, Haylewen, set in a scraggy valley with roaming wild horses in its lands. She also mentions that it is very odd to have heard from him, after all these years and all that he did. When pressed, Lywc enigmatically replies only that he left her with a permanent memento she could never forget and won’t say more at this time. Perhaps though, she muses, it would be good to find him. The Inquisitor asks why–if her side quest resulted in Daren’s death, she answers “to set things right”; if it did not result in Daren’s death, she answers “to make old amends”; if her side quest was not done, she will answer “to repay an old debt”.

The Inquisitor accompanies her to Haylewen and Lywc’s old “friend”, Bryn, meets them right outside of town to give them more details on what is going on, but vanishes from the map after they leave to seal the first rift. They seal all the rifts (there are two) and take care of the corrupted beasts (wolves and mountain cats), which have scattered both wild and domestic herds of horses.

Option 1: 

The Inquisitor stays and helps Lywc retreive the domestic horses for the town and herds the wild ones back into their old territories. Once that is complete, Lywc wants to find Bryn to “set things right” or “make old amends” or “repay an old debt”, depending on the side quest choice, and the Inquisitor can agree to help her locate him again. Once he is found, it is revealed that he is a failed Templar with whom she was once lovers, but they ended up fighting one another after she had learned of both his addiction and the lyrium potions he sold to the black market, which resulted in her eye getting cut and him throwing lyrium dust into the wound. That caused her eye to change color completely–her right is now blue, while her left is her natural green–and Bryn admits it is probably the direct cause of her headaches and nightmares and waking dreams, which he conjectures might be her somehow seeing partially into the Fade.

If she killed Daren in her side quest, Lywc talks with Bryn about her condition and he is so surprised at her lack of anger at him that he makes a few offers as to what might help, but doesn’t really think anything will. Bryn tells her the damage has already been done, but a healing mage might be able to help with the headaches and nightmares. If Inquisitor is a Rift Mage, the option to try and use the Anchor on her eye appears, but if the Inquisitor tries it, nothing happens and Lywc is visibly dismayed as they leave.

Upon returning to Haylewen’s center, the horsemasters there thank the Inquisitor for all they’ve done, and in return for the help coupled with the connection to Lywc, award the mount Minanter Delta Courser to the Inquisition, which is available in the Skyhold stables.

Whenever the Inquisitor asks how her nightmares or headaches or waking dreams are after this quest, Lywc only replies they still happen but refuses to talk more of them.

Option 2: 

If the Inquisitor stays and helps with the horses and finding Bryn, and if Lywc was convinced to not duel Daren in her side quest, Bryn will try to heal Lywc himself with herbs, but to no avail. If the Inquisitor is a Rift Mage and attempts to help with the Anchor, it does not work, but Lywc nods and accepts the result, thanking them both anyway. The Inquisition receives the Minanter Delta Courser mounts.

If the Inquisitor asks how her nightmares or headaches or waking dreams are after this quest, Lywc tells them she is talking to Cole and Solas about them, in the hopes that there is something one or both can do–or at least provide more insight on.

Option 3: 

If the Inquisitor chooses to stay and help with the horses and finding Bryn, but Lywc’s side quest has not been completed, upon locating Bryn, Lywc threatens him into helping her since it was his doing and his fault her eye is the way it is, and that she has terrible headaches and strange waking dreams and nightmares. The Inquisitor can either let her kill Bryn because there is nothing he can do (and no option to help with the Anchor ever comes up), or they can step in and stop her from killing him at the last minute. Either way, she storms out and the Inquisition receives the Minanter Delta Courser mounts.

If the Inquisitor asks how her nightmares or headaches or waking dreams are after this quest, she curtly answers that they are getting worse and says no more about the matter.

Option 4: 

If the Inquisitor chooses to not stay and help with the horses or findng Bryn, Lywc does not accompany the Inquisitor back to Skyhold when they leave the area. She eventually comes back to “see things through” but does not stay for the end party.

If the Inquisitor asks how her nightmare or headaches or waking dreams are after this quest, she curtly answers that they are getting worse and says no more about the matter, accompanied with a disapproval. If the Inquisitor asks about Haylewen, Lywc says she took care of things, and greatly disapproves.

Tarot card change …

  • Option 1: Nine of Swords
  • Option 2: The Hermit
  • Option 3: The Chariot Reversed
  • Option 4: Ten of Swords