ABOUT ME: 30+, on EST, prefer they/them pronouns. When not on tumblr I work retail and try to fit in time for as much writing as possible, and even manage a game here and there. I am also a medieval enthusiast, and am trying to work out how to move to the US Rockies on a horse ranch. Otherwise I hangs out with my cat and make up worlds that are slowly making their way onto paper for publication.

NSFW RULES: I am very much of age and am completely okay with nsfw so long as my partner is also over 21–this includes content of both a sexual and/or of a violent nature. I require discussion beforehand for either of these contents, however, so send an email/message if you want to start anything of that nature and it will be discussed and explored.

WRITING STYLE: My preferred writing style is in paragraph format. I’ve taken to approaching RP as co-authoring a fic, for all intents and purposes, and will treat it as such. This means that I will take minor liberties with other characters (including my partner’s) to move the narrative along smoothly, and my partner is free (and to a degree expected) to do the same.

**Right now I am trying to focus mainly on writing in original novel works, so I will be highly selective of the RP threads and partners. This is nothing against anyone personally, just that much must keep strict limits or I will get overwhelmed and burn out and vanish for 6+ months. Nobody wants that.

If you have any other questions, comments, concerns, etc, please drop me a line and we can talk about it.**