In addition to fanfiction, I have written over the years with other people. Most of this content has been hosted on another site (links will be provided), but now it is archived and (hopefully) continued here.

To those unaware, the narrative flow of most RP can be a little jarring. It seems to almost flow like a story, but it also doesn’t. This is because it’s not written as a planned co-authorship, but a more spur-of-the-moment creation. Each writing partner has a main character they write (though can write as other “background” or “npc” characters as well). Depending on what their partner has previously written, that dictates the next person’s response. This is the more “traditional” way of writing RP threads, and the way I was used to writing them for years. This can be seen in older RP works.

Alternatively and more recently, I was introduced to a smoother way of writing RP works, to try and emulate a single co-author narrative story. In this method of writing together, each partner still mainly writes a single character in each reply, but is given more freedom to also write as their partner’s character as well, in order to keep the narrative flowing more smoothly. This is by and far now my preferred method of writing RP now, and this can be seen in nearly all the newer RP works.

*All canon characters belong to their respective canon media and creators. RP is solely done for fun and love of the characters and the worlds they live in. There is no monetary compensation gained from any of this, nor is it desired; this is the realm of Transformative Works as a hobby with other people.