For nearly two decades, I have been submerged in fandom. For me, this means creating a whole lot of written works. This is not limited to works written solely by me–this also includes writing with other people to jointly work on a story in an RP format.

Not every fandom I have participated in is represented here, but navigating to the Ao3 link will give you access to all the fanfiction I have posted on there, as well as archived RP threads with my two major writing partners.

Most of my fandom writing I post on archival sites such as FanFiction or ArchiveofOurOwn. Sometimes, however, I’ll post things in other places. For personal archiving reasons, and an indecisiveness about formally putting unanchored writings with the rest of my fanfiction, this will be the new archival space for such works.

I don’t foresee there being much, if any, overlap in fandom works already posted on other archival sites, but if there’s enough demand, I might include direct links here, as well. For now, this will be the home of things I’ve written solo and with others that do not show up on archive sites such as Ao3.

Currently, most of my active and former RP is hosted on another site that is going through a major upheaval. Content is still there, but may be making its way over here, at least in an archival fashion. It is yet to be seen or decided if this location will provide an accessible enough platform to continue RP threads. This will be updated as that and other decisions are made.