This pillowfort site seems pretty cool from all the posts I’ve been seeing about it online. Are you going to be joining too? I will follow the queen wherever she goes… 👸 idk if they will be having a mobile app pretty soon too?


So, based on their blog @pillowfort-io, they do not have a mobile app yet, but it’s a possibility. They know there’s interest in one, so that’s a good thing. As of right now, the site is down while they repair some security issues, and they plan to have it reopen this week. 

At that point… yes, I plan to sign up and build a zutara community. I’ll still be active on tumblr, but as y’all know, a lot of my content is sex-positive, and I’d like to be able to share that in a community that supports such content without the fear of being randomly deactivated with no communication.

If and when I get in, I’ll let you know! I can even spare to buy a few extra registration links, so if anyone can’t afford the fee (it’s $5 right now), I am willing to help out if you DM me! 

As for right now: We got a discord server for Zutara!

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