other places to find me

EDITED 12/3/18

I won’t be deleting this blog (or any others) myself, at least for now, but I wanted to give a bit of a directory just in case it gets deleted. (I won’t be posting any links so it’ll actually show up in tags)—

Fandom Stuff:
ao3 – AtomicPen
wordpress – theatomicwriter (.) com
discord – Zutara server run by @tatkresiwok​ (reblogged here, on @thirtydaysofzutara​, and on Adamant’s new blog, if you’re not on it)
personal discord – nonstopatomic #5276
fanfiction.net – AtomicPen
pillowfort – TBA
gmail – subatomicpen

Basically, I’m AtomicPen on most fannish sites that I’ve an account with.

And, if anyone’s interested in non-fandom stuff—

Professional Writing Stuff:
twitter – @thelonghandwriter
author site – thelonghandwriter (.) com
ko-fi – atomicpen

this will be updated with my pillowfort once I get one, and also if any other information changes (like if I upgrade on wordpress and the url changes; I’ll likely update that there, too)

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