From someone who’s survived MySpace, livejournal, deviantart, and fanfiction.nets’ content purges and bad policy updates, here’s some advice on how to get through tumblr’s recent bullshit:

– don’t knee jerk delete. I know it’s tempting to peace out immediately but hang on and do the other steps first. Out right ghosting and erasing everything is how fandoms die.

– archive everything on your blog you want to keep

– tell your followers how they can archive and keep your work too. A lot of fic and art were only saved from and lj because other people saved it first. If you’re cool with other people saving your work for them to personally keep, let them know this. You can absolutely discourage reposting but I really do highly recommend you allow people to personally save fic and art they like and are worried will disappear forever. Digital Dark Ages are a real thing.

– tell people where you’re jumping ship to. Give links. Keep that info up, even if you’ve left the site.

– go through who you follow and find out where else you can follow them. Save their work if they’ll allow it. It’s tedious as hell but if you want to keep up with people on here clicking on their page to check in is the best way to do it.

– support places like ao3. This is exactly why ao3 asks for donations a few times a year. They are a 100% anti-purging, judgement free, ad free non profit run by an elected board and protected by lawyers. Places like ao3 literally save fandom so please continue to support them and other similar archives. This is exactly why ao3 is so important.

For example, here’s a post that explains and links for how to back up your blog

Also, go read the source policies and official Tumblr statements in addition to user analyses and reactions. It’s important to keep abreast of developments over time; staying informed is your power in this situation. Memes and reaction posts are funny and are a useful way to vent / provide commentary, but some of them create an inaccurate picture of what’s happening and should not be taken as evidence on their own of what developments have happened.

For those of you who follow me, I am going to slowly be moving stories over to AO3 (archiveofourown). I have debated this move for a while now, as well as some other things… My username is “Whaleofataleteller”. I am going to start there, and make some decisions for the future of my writing over the next couple weeks… I’ll keep you posted. 

If you have a story you love and don’t have AO3, want easy access, or just have a favorite, you are welcome to save my stories. I ask that you don’t repost them, since they aren’t just going to be deleted, but you are welcome to save them for personal use. 

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