Zutara Month Relocation!

As some of you may know, the original @zutaramonth was a sideblog and was unfortunately deleted in Tumblr’s rampage. However, I would still love to host the event and bring some positivity to our favorite ship in this wild time!

* The event will still be held from December 1st to December 30th this year. 

* The event will allow mature content, but all maturity must be under the cut and characters must be 18+ in the art or writing. 

* The event will have the same prompts voted upon over on the OG blog! (Check other posts/reblogs).

* This event will be tracking #zutara, #zutara month, #zutara month 2018 #zk month, #zk month 2018, #thirtydaysofzutara, and #30daysofzutara

* You may also directly mention this blog, directly message this blog, or submit posts/links! 

Please give this blog a follow and reblog this post to get word out! 

***I will have this blog’s ~aesthetic~ set up soon, but for now, it’s functional and most importantly, zutara month is happening! Much love to you all. 

~ mod: adamant

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