Day 1: Vigilantes


“This is crazy! I can’t believe I let you talk me into doing this.”

On the other side of a small, wooden table situated in a dimly lit corner of one of the many sea-front taverns of Linfen, a bustling port town in the Western Earth Kingdom, Zuko sat watching Katara with a look caught halfway between unimpressed and distressed.

Katara scowled right back. “It’s not like I had much of a choice, you know,” she informed him tetchily. “There’s no way I could bring Aang. He’s way too recognizable. Not to mention flamboyant. He’d get us caught immediately.”

Zuko placed an elbow on the table and dropped his forehead onto his palm, his fingers sliding up into his hair. “It’s not asking me to help you that I have a problem with. It’s what you’re asking me to do. You do realize that if I get caught pretending to be a pirate, it’s going to turn into a huge scandal for the Fire Nation.”

“The Fire Nation is already facing international scandal if we don’t find out who’s selling poached elephant-whale ivory to the members of your court. And besides, I’ve yet to hear any better suggestions.”

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