You wrote a whole novel just to say that I can in fact comment on fics posted on a public website, but only if I know that other people can get mad about it. Which I do, but my problem is people acting like a comment section is only for praise. Fic authors aren’t deserving of praise just because they don’t ~have~ to write, you’re not entitled to people not criticizing your work and behavior.


No, that is not what I said. I said that you have the ability to say whatever you want. Obviously! You are good at words! The rest of us have the ability to tell you that we believe that the manner in which you are engaging with fanwork is inappropriate. 

And instead of addressing anything anyone has been saying today about why it is inappropriate, you keep telling us to stop being mad at you.

I’m not mad at you. I do think you’re rude, and I think you’re ignorant, and I think you are willfully missing the point because you enjoy feeling superior. 

Fanfiction is a type of fanwork that is frequently regarded in a derogatory fashion. People make negative jokes about it, content creators can’t look at it the same way they can look at fanart, and if you think trying to freelance in illustration or graphic arts is hard, (which it really really is) there is absolutely 0 market for fanfic commissions.

People who write fanfic are doing it in their spare time, for free, because they have something they want to say and yes they then want to share that with other people.

But these are not professionals. They have not promised a particular product and failed to deliver, you have not bought a book and been given only half of one.

You are walking into a potluck party, without bringing a dish of your own, trying what everyone else has brought, and then telling them they’re crappy cooks and should apologize to you for not giving you, for free, exactly the kind of food you want.

If you don’t like a particular fanwork, walk away and go to a different party.

Write a blog post of your own talking about fanfic trends rather than calling out individuals. Just because a fic didn’t work for you doesn’t mean it didn’t work for someone else. Just because you think it’s gross doesn’t mean it isn’t healing for someone else. Just because you think it’s ugly doesn’t mean for someone else it isn’t beautiful.

If you think a fic is crap? Too fucking bad. Commercial media has earned public critique because it is selling itself and because it is omnipresent and prevalent. The sheer mass of it can be harmful if it says the same things over and over and over again.

A couple authors on AO3? Not at all the same thing, and they should not be treated as such. You don’t know why they’re writing, or who they’re writing for, and if it’s not for you, leave it alone.

Unsolicited critique is harmful. It can damage people who are just trying to find their voice, and make it so much harder for them to try again in the future. It can teach people that it’s okay to bully people on the internet, because hey, it’s public, they asked for it. 

If you honestly believe that a fanwork is promoting actual harm, that there is, to continue my clumsy metaphor, cyanide in the mashed potatoes or something, there are other and better ways to address your concerns that aren’t rude comments in an AO3 field, because that’s basically standing on a table and saying “those potatoes are bad and you should feel bad”

Contact an abuse team! Talk to someone in private if you think they’ve landed in negative stereotypes. Don’t be a bully and yell at someone because you don’t like their hobby.

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