An argument for Kataang

Alright you angsty zutaras, hear me out. I can see the arguments for zutara. I think for a period the writers considered what the story would be like if zutara happened. Katara and zuko definitely had their romantic moments (ie earth kingdom catacombs, her forgiving him, etc). They would represent a perfect yin and yang couple and would show a huge character arch for both of them – katara forgiveness and zuko love. And as for what aang would do in this situation, after all, the avatars destiny in life is to keep balance in the world, not find love, so aang doesn’t necessarily need love right? He just needs to love the world and fulfill his duty, right?

Well, here’s what i have to say about that. Yeah this show is all about destiny, and it is not within the spirit of the avatar to find love with another person, only to keep balance. But that’s the spirit of the avatar. What people fail to realize is that the spirit of the avatar and aangs spirit/soul are two separate things, in my opinion. And if you take away all the avatar from aang, what are you left with? Who is aang? We see glimpses of him and his past, such as his love for nature and his people/heritage as an air nomad and his happy go lucky attitude and what not, but what we see most of is his love for katara. All the small moments when he looks at her, when he thinks of her as his family, when he would rather choose her over cosmic power in season 2….

It may not be the avatars destiny to fall in love with katara, but it’s aangs destiny. His love for her is who he is when you take away all the avatar mumbo jumbo. I personally want to see the main character of the show end up happy in the end. And it’s very arguable that Katara’s destiny is to help aang with his avatar duties. Her destiny is “intertwined” with his. She is meant to be with him too.

Aang and katara are family. That theme is pushed throughout the entire show. Zutara would be cool and symbolic but would only create drama. I suppose some people prefer that over a satisfying ending of two people meant to be together. You’re allowed to like that.

And anyone who wants to tell me that aang was being too pushy about having a relationship with her can fight me. He simply made the first move.

It’s kind of funny, ironic really, because you’ve inadvertently demonstrated, with almost perfectly clarity, the problem that a lot of zutara fans have with Kataang, and why the latter is set up from the very beginning as an unequal relationship.

Where are Katara’s feelings in literally any of this?

Ok, cool, so Aang fell in love with Katara. When he was twelve years old, and she was the first girl he’d ever laid eyes on, and it was pretty adorable puppy love at first. Fine, it’s a kid’s series, we can go with some lax realism. We can even ignore how all but the last twenty seconds of The Fortuneteller almost perfectly foreshadowed Aang’s future growth and the idea that he could, should, and would be able to get over his very one-sided crush on Katara and accept that she loved him as a friend, and move on (like the girl who liked him eventually did).

But what about Katara’s destiny? Is she supposed to just Love Aang because he loves her and Deserves her because he’s the hero and the avatar and it’s his destiny? What about Katara’s feelings? Also, can you explain to me how the Ember Island Players kiss wasn’t Aang being pushy??? He was literally standing there being incredibly petulant–and cool, yes, he’s twelve, but it was also pretty clear representation of why he had no business being in a relationship yet–saying he’d be in the Avatar State right then if it weren’t blocked, over a play, over the mere idea that Katara may have feelings for someone else…. and she says she’s confused and doesn’t know what she feels, and he kisses her anyway???? That’s not making the first move, my friend, that’s being pushy and overstepping boundaries, and I’m still annoyed that they had no development past that and Katara just decided off screen that all her confusion was gone and she loved Aang cause he loved her or something.

My point is, outside a few isolated and incongruous moments (the end of the Fortuneteller ep literally flies in the face of everything the episode showed us), Katara’s feelings for Aang are never developed or focused on. She goes from being confused and unsure and mad to resolving all of it offscreen, and that’s kind of the entirety of their relationship development–off screen, with little to no hints in between.

So no, I don’t see this as an argument for Kataang. I actually see it as a fairly robust argument against Kataang.

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