holy shitskies guys, I’m nearly at 600 whole followers. That’s a ton of you! I’d like to do something to commemorate the milestone, so I’ll leave it up for a vote:

1. another chapter set of Just
2. another scene for the Mononoke Hime au
3. The first few chapters of a fic with a different view on bloodbending I’ve been sitting on for a while
4. A oneshot about Dance Party Take Two
5. Something else like a prompt, though I can’t guarantee inspiration.

Let me know what you’d all like here!

Edit: sorry ya’ll! I’ve never made a survey monkey survey before and I’m on mobile! It should work now!

I’ll keep this going through the weekend so there’s time for everyone to get in on it if they want.

thanks everyone so far who’s done the thing!

okay! 72% of you who voted wanted the first few chapters of a bloodbending fic I’ve been sitting on, and so it shall be!

big thank you to everyone who participated, and I’ll be posting the first chapter probably tomorrow, after I’m home from work.

the runner up choice was Prompt Roulette. Those of you who voted for that, if you had an idea for a prompt in mind, feel free to drop it in my inbox. I can’t guarantee when I’ll get to it (because boy my life just keeps doling out shit), but I will do my very best to get to them eventually.

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