*Whispers* Katara has the right to be and and kill her mothers murderer


Yeah, that seems fair to me.

the way this is phrased bothers me. I know you mean to say this in (correct) argument that she doesn’t have to forgive in order to move on that Aang tries to push on her, but… she doesn’t have to stay angry or kill him either.

You think you’d want to kill someone who murdered a loved one, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes you don’t want to think about it at all. Sometimes you think killing them is too kind, and a life spent having to live with what they did while locked up is a more suited fate. Sometimes you want whatever the murderer will hate or fear more, whether that’s a life locked up or death. It doesn’t have to always be complete forgiveness or complete anger. It doesn’t have to only be those, or only stay one of those.

You can’t expect that someone will forever be angry, or not angry, sad or not sad. It’s an emotional binary that doesn’t necessarily exist when a loved one is lost through such personal violence. Whatever you expect someone to feel or go through, it’s not always going to be the case, and thinking it’s supposed to be one or the other tries to put people in a box either way.

And that’s the crux of precisely why what Zuko did was so important and the right thing to do. He let Katara be whatever she needed to be. He let her be angry, he let her be hurt, he let her be conflicted. He listened to her when she talked about her loss and her grief, and didn’t try to offer platitudes or cheering up. That’s something a lot of people who are deeply grieving don’t get that is absolutely needed.

Anon I know that was probably your point, so forgive me for hijacking and going off on a small rant about it

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