Listen, I think everyone’s fairly reasonable around here for the most part (at least I hope so), but I want to say this, just on the slim off chance there could be any confusion (because I don’t really know who could be lurking about on the interwebs)—

I do not condone any kind of discrimination or hate toward any particular group. This goes especially for marginalized groups of people.

I do not support colonization apologists, I do not support propaganda or misinformation, I do not support preaching hate or disdain toward anyone because of ethnicity, religion, or anything else. That said, I also do not, do not under any circumstance suffer or tolerate people who hold such discriminatory views. Tolerance and understanding does not extend to hate groups of any kind, and that is the exception that I have to all of this. Punch those goddamn Nazis and Nazi-sympathizers in the face. Literally and metaphorically; that kind of rhetoric and thinking needs to be stamped out for good, because apparently some collective memories are too fucking short.

Normally I wouldn’t feel compelled to make a post like this, but with the current political climate in the US (and other places) and the heated arguments here earlier today, I want to make this as abundantly clear as I possibly can, because real people are affected by this.

Everyone not espousing hate toward other people is welcome here. Everyone not preaching intolerance is welcome here. This is a blog made out of love for a show and set of characters and world that I feel passionately for, and that other people feel passionately for. I will never condone hate or harassment sent to anyone else in the fandom, regardless of what characters and/or ships they do or do not like, and whether I agree with them on those things or not. That point is entirely moot and up to personal discretion and affection. Arguing interpretations of meta and viewpoints about a creation is one thing, but actually harassing people over it is not. I was trying to keep my rebuttals confined to the context of the realm of the world of Avatar and its characters, and my comments absolutely should not be taken in the context of promoting colonization or propaganda, especially in the real world in which real people have been and are still affected by those things. I don’t know that it explicitly was, I hope that some of the things things said were being said out of hyperbole, but I want to be 100% upfront about where my views on ethnic, religious, and other discrimination, colonization are.

I don’t think I’m such hot shit in fandom that this comes out of some sort of egotism, but there are a fair amount of you following, and I want everyone to know that so long as you’re not part of a hate group, don’t follow hate group ideologies, don’t apologize for hate groups or their ideas, you are welcome here. If you are or do any of those things? Leave, and let the door hit you on the way out. You have no place here.

It’s especially important to me that this is laid out as clearly as I can. There have been too many attacks on people in the US recently, and too many far-right individuals rising to power across the world, and many, many people feel unsafe. This is not one of those places anyone should feel unsafe. This should be a place to come to enjoy AtLA, Katara, Zuko, and Zutara.

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