I didn’t mean my art to be racist and done it with the only intention to be a good drawing. I didn’t consider many aspects of the things,however I just want to say sorry if someone felt offended by it. I am not one for speeches but i just want to say that what i did was not intentionally made to hurt or offend anyone.

Just wanted to say a couple things:

a) Your art was Great. The style is lovely, clean, I really enjoyed it! I reblogged immediately and it made me check out the rest of your blog because I thought it was so good.

b) Just because you did an AU of a disney movie that does not depict a true version of a part of history (because it’s disney and None of them are accurate), and that story shares SOME qualities with a potential of zutara, doesn’t make it or you racist or insensitive or inconsiderate. The fact that disney portrayed a historical story innacurately and romatacized it is Not your doing and certainly warrants a discussion all its own, but that discussion doesn’t involve a great piece of literally harmless fanart.

I’m not going to go into the myriad reasons why people going off on calling zutara awful and colonial fetishization is pretty goddamn wrong because it’s really too late right now, but I honestly wanted you to know your art is fantastic and that people jumping down your throat over an incorrectly told story that’s not even yours reflects WAY more on them than it does you.

I’m looking forward to more AtLA art from you btw!

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