You know, I do like the idea of kataraxzuko because, if they
went with it that would have shown just how the world was changing. I feel that
in some ways, zuko and katara did help each other to find peace and closure,
and they were both on the same level mental and maturity wise.

And like, I think that Zuko would have done A LOT to make up
for what the firenation did to the water tribe if his wife was of the water
tribe. And that would have shown true progression. Not saying that Zuko wasn’t progressed
or humbled, but I mean, we know that he feels guilty for the treatment of the
water tribe, and I think he’d do all he can to give them rights and repay them,
even if that meant integrating some of them into the fire nation.

And I’m pretty sure many of Katara’s people would follow her
into the fire nation as well, and she could establish some rule and class along
side Zuko, whom I believe would treat her equally because given he is fire
nation, they are pretty much advocates for gender equality (more so now given
the changing time).

And I think making two of the  main characters, who are from different and
opposing cultures get together to try and ease all the tension and stuff that
the 100rd year war brought would be efficient and would send a good message.


And just bcs she’s queen of the fire nation doesn’t mean she’d
drop her water tribe culture. I think Zuko would try to preserve that, and
would make sure that the fire nation never stepped on the water tribe culture

And it would be every empowering for a woman like Katara, to
be in such a very high position but treated equally and held in reverence by
the people who once opposed she and her people.

Like I am a little upset that there was a possibility zuko x
katara could have been canon.

And it would have been made canon in a way where it wasn’t cliché
at all.

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