types of writer



A) existential crisis
– self-deprecating
– ask themselves everyday if they should just give up on writing
– continues to write anyway
– feels like they should be doing more (both in writing and irl) otherwise feels like they’re just wasting time
– (they’re not tho i believe in them)
– likes to complain about writing but they really love it and wouldn’t know what to do without it

B) make it stop
– looooooooooooooooong stories
– thinks their stories have too much filler scenes and that they’re boring the readers
– but they can’t stop
– unconsciously brags about their word count
– 2,000 words turn to 20,000 words real quick without noticing it
– how do they do this
– probably bad in one-on-one conversations irl

C) do it for yourself
– *mildly interesting thing happened in their life* “now how do I exaggerate this so I can add it in my story”
– rants about their irl problems thru their writing
– *cries while writing angst bc it’s too real*
– they’re the main character
– makes people they don’t like the antagonists

D) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
– ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
– smut scenes that will make you consider kinks you didn’t know you have
– makes their characters fuck in the middle of a zombie apocalypse just bc
– afraid to write in public for obvious reasons
– just wants to write porn but ends up adding fluff/angst
– sometimes it’s the other way around
– kinky but sexually frustrated irl

E) God
– organized
– has a minimum word count everyday and follows thru it
– knows how to separate irl emotions to story emotions
– intricate outline
– perfect grasp of how the story will flow
– what we all aspire to be

F) writing???in my house???what???
– spends more time complaining about writing than doing it
– same with shitposting
– daydreams all the time
– has great ideas but ends up being forgotten forever
– really good when they write tho


1000000000000000000% painfully A

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