“forgive everyone” positivity culture is fucking trash. you never have to forgive someone who’s assaulted, abused, or otherwise hurt you. it’s probably not even good for your mental health to forgive someone who fucked you up and in a lot of cases it’s not safe.

you also don’t have to forgive someone who murdered your mom.

Anyone, absolutely fucking anyone who tries and tell someone else how they’re supposed to grieve, or guilt them into forgiving the person who hurt them–especially someone who murdered someone they love, like their mother–is a piece of fucking shit not worth the time and you can fucking fight me on this because I goddamn live it

so, to everyone who thinks Katara should have forgiven Yon Rha, to everyone who thinks she shouldn’t have been allowed to be angry, to everyone who thinks she was being overly mean to Aang or Sokka, to everyone that didn’t want her to grieve the way that helped her the most rather than what they expected grief to look like:

kindly go fuck yourselves

and fucking fight me on this, I dare you

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