i’m gonna take this post a step further b/c there’s still this sentiment (yes, i’m looking at you anti zu/tara rhetoric) that ‘okay, you don’t have to forgive someone who murdered a loved one, but you also shouldn’t give in to vengeful tendencies b/c that’s not healthy.’

there is nothing wrong with seeking justice. nothing. 

and there is nothing wrong with deciding for yourself exactly what you want that justice to be.

i can guarantee, if someone killed my mother, brother, father, or husband?? i’d make it my life’s fucking mission to get the killer punished to the fullest extent of the law and hopefully??? the death penalty. life in prison wouldn’t even satisfy me. i’d be sick knowing that some monster gets to live while my loved one is gone.

so don’t fucking say another word about how katara was wrong, and zuko pushed her to murder, and aang was so holy and perfect and right. because katara was justified. zuko hardly said a word. and aang was wrong. 

and i’d stand behind katara’s choice even if she did drive a stake through yon rha’s heart. 

b/c seeking justice provides closure. it offers healing. and it opens up areas of your life to new relationships. seeking justice is good for your mental health. it’s probably good for your physical health, too, because when the mind is happy, the body functions better, too. when the mind is happy, you can focus your energy and efforts on things that are not destructive or damning. when the mind is happy, you don’t spiral into a pit of despair, wishing you’d fought back, wishing you’d said something, wishing you’d done something to feel vindicated and free.

how’s that bitter ass pill tasting?

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