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She helps him dress for the coronation. 

“Thank you.” Zuko says for the twentieth time. 

Something has shifted between them, she realizes. They went from enemies to friends to almost partners and now…they’re something else. Zuko looks at her differently; there is something deep and intent in his eyes. 

“Of course,” she tells him automatically, “You saved my life.”

“Katara,” he says, taking her hand, “You saved my life.”

They stare at each other. He smiles and somehow, it’s infectious. She can’t help smiling at him back and she realizes, not for the first time, that’s he’s beautiful. For a moment, he seems nervous–his smiles disappears for a second–but then he reaches up and tucks a flyaway curl behind her ear. 

There’s something between them, something tangible in the air. 

“Zuko?” she says. 

He’s still holding one of her hands, his thumb stroking her skin. She steps closer. Maybe it’s the heat, but Katara feels so warm, so alive, so much like sunlight– 

“I–I um,” he says, finally faltering, “I think we should–

“Go out?” she finishes for him, “Yes, we should.” 

When Mai storms into Zuko’s rooms, fully intent on reaming her boyfriend out, fully intent on making it clear that he’s never to break up with her ever again– she finds him kissing another girl entirely. 

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