(163/365) Zutara Week 2018: Day 2- Letters

Whoaaa! Actually at the beginning I really have no idea for this prompt. So, I didn’t expect this picture to be turned out quite good..haha XD

Also..I probably doing it wrong because it can be letters (alphabets) or letters (messages). I chose the later.

About the contain of that letter… basically it was Zuko’s proposal to invite Katara to the Fire Palace (?) as the Southern Water Tribe Ambassador. He also mentioned how he feels very grateful to meet Katara during their life changing journey… (And want to meet her ASAP lol)

However, because my writing skills so bad, I cannot really tell you how exactly he wrote this letter to her…hahaha. (But since he was a dork it was probably awkward).

If you have idea how he wrote it..please comment below! XD

Tag: @zutaraweek

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