My salty Zutara posts are making their rounds again and every time someone likes/reblogs them I am reminded of how much I love Zutara and how much I hate Bryke. 

They could’ve been one of the greatest canon ships. We could’ve had a waterbending Fire Lady, who would’ve made such huge social/medical/political strides by Zuko’s side. She wouldn’t have been reduced to simply being someone’s trophy wife. She would’ve been acknowledged for her achievements and married to a husband who would dote on their children equally because he knows firsthand how miserable it is to grow up in a family that neglects one child to elevate another. Zuko would’ve had a wife who truly cared about him, protected him and listened to him when he went through hardships. He would’ve had a partner, a best friend, and a confidant. 

Instead… wtf did we get? I don’t even wanna mention it. Makes me too annoyed, but it’s not my canon and I refuse to accept it. 

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