Zutara-stans: “Bryan and Mike used Aang as a self-insert nice guy fantasy, forcing Kataang to happen instead of Zutara.”

Also Zutara-stans: *ship a cliche “girl likes the bad boy” relationship based only on looks to fulfill their own, objectively worse fantasy*

The cookiecutter sexism on this post is unreal

I mean, you’re the one shipping Katara with a guy that kidnapped and physically attacked her but ok I’m sexist

Edit: Not to ignore Zuko’s progression, but 99.9999% of Zutarians try to validate their ship by using moments where Zuko was undeniably hostile and antagonistic towards Katara.

You’re totally invalidating Zuko’s entire character arc. If you hate Zuko, just say so, and at least what you’re saying will make sense. 

And, I literally have not seen one person use any “zutara” scene as a moment since 2007. Everyone always talks about stuff CoD and up…

What OP thinks are the Zutara ship moments:


What Zutarians actually ship:


Ooh, can’t you just feel the hostility and antagonism?

Speaking of antagonism, imprisonment, and physical attacks (i.e. fighting—something EVERYONE in the gaang does to each other at one point)…

…it’s almost like Zuko and Katara were born into nations that were at war with each other for a hundred years. And that overcoming their prejudices and forging a common bond was literally part of their character arcs


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