Obviously there’s interest in a Zutara fanzine (yaaay) so that’s good to know. 

Thanks to everyone who offered advice and resources! This is obviously quite the undertaking…

Agreed that a poll would be ideal to quantify interest, and a larger platform than myself would also be ideal to initiate something like that. I’m not as deep into the fandom as I was once upon a time so I’d need some help reaching out to anyone who has more grasp or who knows the folks in charge of Zutara Week?

Lastly, I do want to clarify that I’m a physician, and although my schedule this month isn’t as demanding, it’s going to pick up immense speed in July. On this note, I’m again hesitant about spearheading this project while my attentions are prioritized elsewhere, and I don’t think that would be fair to any of you. While I’m happy to help out and contribute (even as a pinch-hitter if needed,) I’d prefer to be the last resort rather than the first option as a leader if this is to be completed in a timely manner. My job is to treat hearts, not break them!

Would anyone like to offer their time/leadership? This is asking a lot but…obviously quite a few of us would like for a fanzine to become a reality, even if on a smaller scale. 

I, too, have a bit too much potentially coming up in the summer months to spearhead this, and also am not networked as many others are.

That said, I wouldn’t mind stepping up as an organizational head/project manager type—as well as a contributor. That I think I can do.

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