Zutara fanzine?


So thanks to @carpemermaid​, I’ve managed to do some research into the fanzine production process. Also thanks for offering support towards the concept (especially to @articianne​, @addictofreading​, @molioanimatra, and @shatterinseconds​ thus far!) 

I’m still not sure I’m the right person to lead such an endeavor solely because of time constraints, but regardless, we need to quantify the level of interest within the fandom before making any decisions at all. 

Who would be interested in purchasing a physical copy of a Zutara fanzine, with proceeds going towards charity? 

If interested but cost may be prohibitive, what is your preferred budget? (From what I’ve seen, $15 to $20 is a common price range.) 

Please respond to this post or feel free to send asks or messages my way (only 1 please…) I’m really curious to know! And to those of you who see this, I’d appreciate it if you would pass this along to spread awareness. 

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