Hi, I just wanted to say that I really love your writing. I’ve never actually followed a RP thread before, but your threads w/@theadamentdaughter flow so beautifully and are stunningly vivid. Each story makes me feel so many things. “The Villains That Live in My Bed” has me on the edge my seat right now and I adore “Perfect Places”. It’s so fresh and flirtatious and makes me feel warm all over. You are immensely talented. I feel so fortunate to have stumbled across your blog.

Hey, Anon, that’s a really swell thing to say. It really is. I’m glad you enjoy our threads and my writing—as much as I love writing them for my own sake (and my rp partner’s!), it’s… a different level of humbling and joy that other people also enjoy them.

This really made my day. It’s… been rough for me the last few days (well, year and some change, really, but more immediately I mean), and this message put some hope and happiness back in my heart. So, thank you for sending a shoutout to this random person on the internet who likes to write and throw those words into the void to see where they land. I really, personally, appreciate it, and I hope you continue to enjoy and Feel Things™️ from our threads, and maybe even my fics. I’m fortunate you were touched enough to send something!

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