Just a reminder that it would’ve made more sense to bring Toph to the final Agni Kai against Azula than Katara yet Zuko chose Katara instead

While Toph is exceptionally talented and a BAMF very much in her own right, I have to disagree with this.

Zuko knows his sister, and how she fights. He also knows how both Toph and Katara fight. I’m sure that the GAang would have told Zuko what happened during their failed attempt to find the Fire Lord during the eclipse, and how Azula stalled them all and how they couldn’t defeat her. He’s fought against Katara himself on several occasions, so he knows just how well water foils fire. Underneath Ba Sing Se, he had to intervene between her and Azula at one point because Katara was winning and very possibly going to best his sister.

I think it made perfect sense to take Katara from a tactical and skilled standpoint. He also knew that Katara had healing skills, so there’s that as a backup if anyone–be it himself or Azula (bc that’s just who Zuko is)–needed medical attention afterward whatever might have happened. And, if he was unable to defeat Azula or fell in battle, I think that he decided Katara would have the absolute best chance of winning.

I personally also think that Zuko chose Katara because of reasons not related to any pragmatisms, too. He had the strongest connection with her, they’d already shown one another they they fought and worked very well together, and honestly? Zuko would want someone he trusted and cared about, who showed they cared about him by his side at the end of all things.

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