my fave thing is when when women in fandom are like UGH BUT I CANT RELATE TO F/F PAIRINGS BC IM NOT A LESBIAN 

funnily enough you’re not a gay man either yet here we are

this tea is fucking SCALDING

Or maybe it’s just that some people don’t see much chemistry between a lesbian ship in the shows they watch. There’s literally nothing wrong with that. People can ship or not ship whatever they want.

Like I see this in almost every fandom. Somebody picks two random girls and says “look and them so in love don’t you ship it???” and I say no, I really don’t, they’ve never interacted, then I’m suddenly a homophobe even though I’m a lesbian myself.

for some reason, i feel like this post was directed at not lesbians, but go off i guess…..

It’s also arguably because too many times in too many mediums women characters don’t get near as much/enough development as male characters do. This results in more emotional investment in the more developed characters, which can, in turn, result in shipping.

Sure, some people will still not see a romantic pairing even between two deeply developed characters, and that’s fine. But that’s also it’s own thing. Not having characters developed substantially decreases the potential of any shipping at all happening, because if we don’t care about a character as an audience, why should we care who they click with?

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