For you life really does have no “porpoise” since you’re clearly a heathen who hates God. You might as well be a pagan. Also, if I was a dog I wouldn’t love you back.


Mmmmm… the savagery. I’m so horrendously wounded. *cries*


As someone who is decidedly not Christian and who has–and has had–many, many pagan friends and once walked my own pagan path, go the fuck off.

Dogs don’t give a shit what stories you decide to life your life by and love unconditionally

you know

like christians are supposed to

And honestly? all the heathens and pagans I’ve ever known (which turns out to be quite a bit when you’re part of the same circles) really don’t wish ill on people who practice whatever form of Christianity or Abrahamic religions–or other religions in general–they want to not be demonized for having their own beliefs (just like everyone else) and for people to not be persecuted or subjugated by their own religion or other religions.

That’s the difference in tolerance between monotheistic and polytheistic religions: one has room for other gods and beliefs, and one does not.

But really, the point of all this is that you’re a stranger on the internet using the cloak of anonymity to bother and try to attack someone you don’t know at all who runs an rp blog for fun. Personal opinions need not apply here folks


it’s super easy to not be a dick to someone, why would you do that

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