can people stop pretending that azula stood any chance whatsoever of winning during sozin’s comet?






because azula stood no chance of winning during sozin’s comet. none at all.

if she were at the very top of her game, like,
i-just-conquered-ba-sing-se game, it would’ve done very little to
change the outcome.

in fact, azula would’ve gone down far more quickly, since zuko wouldn’t have agreed to an agni kai, and katara would’ve been involved since the start and SHE WOULD’VE WRECKED AZULA.


but mars, i hear you say, what abt the comet? you mean that comet that gives all firebenders increased power? including zuko? he’d have countered any advantage azula may have gotten from the comet (but, lbr, katara wouldn’t have actually needed him for that, more likely that zuko would’ve been stuck taking care of all the guards and staff that stable!azula wouldn’t have banished).

but mars, you continue, azula has been considered a prodigy since a young age, while katara was doing nothing! you mean the young age at which azula had every possible tutor and teacher available to a firebending princess? while katara, the only remaining waterbender of her tribe, had to fend for herself while also taking up all the responsibilities of her recently deceased mother?

well, okay, you grumble, but azula mastered lightning at age fourteen, katara didn’t achieve anything extraordinary! ah, yes, my favourite argument. at age fourteen azula was a firebending master, after a lifetime of training by the best the fire nation could offer.

at fourteen katara was a waterbending master, after a MONTH (at MOST) with a teacher and a few weeks of learning from scrolls.

katara has, in a matter of months, gone from “lol, i can’t even make a wave“ to being at the same level as extremely, extremely talented people with YEARS more practice than her.

katara has, on her first try, bested a MASTER with a skill she invented (compare that with ”azula’s nearly perfect”).

like, think what u want, but the simple, indisputable fact is that katara is the single MOST POWERFUL BENDER IN THE SERIES.

the only people that might stand a chance against her are toph (and that depends solely on the earth to water ratio of their environment), and aang in the avatar state, and even that is only because katara won’t bloodbend.


just think of what could’ve been if bryke hadn’t decided that katara should spend the rest of her life as someone’s shadow. just think how AMAZING katara could’ve been if she had a chance to reach her full potential. just THINK as to how more interesting further stories in the atla-verse would’ve been if katara hadn’t been replaced with a stepford wife.

seriously, who is that? do you honestly expect me to believe that that sad, scared, passionless, ambitionless, agreeable arm-candy is katara?

but, that’s going off topic.

tl;dr: katara and azula had fought multiple times, even when azula was at her best, and until they were interrupted, every single time, katara was winning*

Let me repeat that: even when azula was at her best, katara was winning. and pretty convincingly at that.

so y’all can just stop comparing azula and katara and having katara come up short, like the only, really only single thing azula beats katara in is how much influence she holds over zuko.

but, since u kno, book 4 never happened, and zuko and katara literally never ever spoke to one another after the comet, nothing ever came of that particular parallel.**

*also interesting to note, every time katara would immobilize her in water, even in book 2

**passionate, impulsive, warm katara and detached, calculating, cold azula as the principal female figures in zuko’s life (i’m not counting ursa bc she only exists in flashbacks) and again, bc zuko & katara aren’t even friends after the comet, nothing ever came from this

*cough* au where katara takes over the world through sheer bending badassery *cough*

someone fucking said it. thank you. bless my water queen.

I very much disagree – a sane Azula in a realistic world would slay Katara. That being said, Katara’ awesome and I love her!

@sanna27 Hmm, that’s very interesting, could you please elaborate?

Because I provided textual evidence to support my statement.

Also, what does a “realistic” world consist of, considering we’re talking about a world in which people magically control the four elements?

I understand liking Azula more than Katara, it’s a fact that Azula is cooler than Katara. The cold, calculating, girl general will always be cooler than motherly madame fussy breeches.

But cooler does not mean more powerful.

The simple fact is that, in the show, every single time Katara and Azula faced off, Katara won. Every. Single. Time. It’s not a matter of opinion, it’s just what happened.


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