|| you rise with the moon
                                                               but I rise with the sun ||


Book One: Water // Night Diving | Thrice
     The Boy In the Iceberg // Oceans & Streams | The Black Keys
     The Avatar Returns // Music Box | Thrice
     The Southern Air Temple:
                     ☯ “Once I deliver the Avatar to my father he will welcome me home.” // Doublespeak | Thrice
     The Warriors Of Kyoshi // Sinister Kid | The Black Keys
     The Waterbending Scroll // Foreigner’s God | Hozier
     The Blue Spirit // Hellfire | Barns Courtney
     The Siege of the North:
                      ☯ Part One // Red Sky | Thrice
                      ☯ “You’ve found a master, haven’t you?” // The Song of the Sword Dancer | Percival Schuttenbach
                      ☯ Part Two // Open Water | Thrice


Book Two: Earth // The Ash Is In Our Clothes | Sleeping At Last
     The Cave of Two Lovers // Delilah | Florence & the Machine
     Zuko Alone // Gallows | Brown Bird
     The Serpent’s Path // Mississippi Delta | the Civil Wars & T Bone Burnett
     The City of Walls and Secrets // No Light, No Light | Florence & the Machine
     The Crossroads of Destiny:
                      ☯ “Maybe you could be free of it.” // Between Two Points | the Glitch Mob
                      ☯ “You’re free to choose.” // The Storm | Elenowen


Book Three: Fire // The Ninth Ride Out | Ilan Eshkeri
     The Painted Lady // What the Water Gave Me | Florence & the Machine
     The Beach // Cinder and Smoke | Iron & Wine
     The Puppetmaster // Arsonist’s Lullabye | Hozier
     The Day Of Black Sun:
                      ☯ The Invasion // Ticking Bomb | Aloe Blacc
                      ☯ The Eclipse // Fire | Barns Courtney
     The Western Air Temple:
                      ☯ “Maybe you’ll take me as a prisoner.” // Worthy | Jacob Banks
                      ☯ “You won’t have to worry about your destiny anymore.” // Crown of Fire | Larkin Poe
     The Southern Raiders:
                      ☯ “This is about getting closure and justice.” // Devils | Amelia Curran
                      ☯ “Don’t lie! You look her in the eye and you tell me you don’t remember what you did.” // Like Moths to Flame | Thrice
                      ☯ “Do you know who I am?” // Bury Your Brother | Lorn
                      ☯ Go find your dad, sweetie. I’ll handle this. “I’m doing fine.”
// 250,000 Miles | Patty Griffin
                      ☯ “But I am ready to forgive you.” // We Move Lightly | Dustin O’Halloran
     The Ember Island Players:
                      ☯ “Doesn’t it seem kind of weird?” // Tavern Music | Inon Zur
                      ☯ "I know it must hurt, but what you’re seeing up there on that stage is the truth.” // I’ve Got This Friend | the Civil Wars
                      ☯ Intermission // From the Ground Up | Sleeping At Last
                      ☯ "This isn’t the right time.” // Which Witch | Florence & the Machine
     Sozin’s Comet:
                      ☯ “It’s about to get worse than you can even imagine.” // The Last of Us | Gustavo Santaolalla
                      ☯ Zuko // For Miles | Thrice
                      ☯ “Agni Kai!” // Fenland In Flames | James Newton Howard
                      ☯ Katara // Missle | Dorothy
                      ☯ “Zuzu, you don’t look so good!” // All This And Heaven Too | Florence & the Machine
                      ☯ “Thank you, Katara.” // Poison & Wine | the Civil Wars
                      ☯ “I think I’m the one who should be thanking you.” // Fire and the Flood | Vance Joy

.|| listen ||.

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