Would you headcanon anyone in the GAang as left handed?



Try grabbing someone by the shoulder with your non-dominant hand and shaking them gently. (Ask first, obviously!) It feels strange, doesn’t it?


Given how strict we saw the Fire Nation Schools be in Book 3, it’s reasonable to assume they wanted everyone to conform into little regiments of loyal citizens. There might even be superstition about left-handed people being unlucky or cursed.  (Both my parents are southpaws, and so am I, by the way.) My great-aunt was forcibly switched from being left-handed when she was a girl and developed a stutter as a result. Zuko could have been switched in a similar manner as well.

This especially fits with the fact that he uses dual dao. It’s a perfect cover for still being able to train with his dominant hand. Thoughts?

I need to pay attention with my current rewatch… but honestly? headcanon accepted. Especially with his mastery of dual dao blades. My dad is ambidextrous because of Catholic school, and ended up doing certain things with each hand–writing is right-handed, for example, but a lot of actions (bowling for another example) are left-handed.

I’d be interested to see if left-handedness has any connected superstitions in any of the cultures AtLA took swaths of inspiration from, since the Western background is the Latin word for left, sinister, taking on the meaning of malicious or underhanded in Middle English.

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