Chapters 2, 3

fandom: Avatar: the Last Airbender
POV: Zuko, Aang
wordcount: ~1298

ff.net – i, ii

Just Two Words, Just Begin Again

Zuko’s head reeled.

Something was going on between his friends, and it wasn’t the thing that everyone assumed it was. Well—maybe not everyone. He cast a glance to Sokka, who was definitely watching his sister from a few tables away, clear concern in his expression. There’d been a few things that the Water Tribe warrior had mentioned to him during their walk to the ballroom earlier that hadn’t made much sense to Zuko then, but in retrospect made him wonder. You know my sister, he’d said. She’d cut off her own arm before risking a friendship. Or, you know, a whatever.

But, the way Katara had tensed against him when he mentioned her helping Aang, the way Aang had tried to guilt her and caused an almost imperceptible shudder through her frame had him remembering Sokka’s words in an entirely different light.

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