tagged by @theadamantdaughter

Nicknames: here? Atomic
Gender: *vague hand motions*
Star sign: Virgo/Libra, Aquarius
Height: 5’5”
Sexuality: demi/bi
Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw
Favorite animal: All of them. Deep sea creatures. Land snails. Ravens. Nudibranchs.
Av. hours of sleep: 4-6 broken hours. 7 if I’m lucky.
Cats or dogs: Both pls
How many blankets: On the bed? One. In general? All the blankets. I make blankets.
Dream trip: Scotland, Japan, Thailand, the Great Barrier Reef, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean… so many places.
Dream job: Published author and something in Environmental Sustainability.
When I made this account: This particular sideblog was like… three weeks ago? The main blog was… 2015, I think? Time holds no meaning to me anymore
Followers: Again, for this sideblog, 44. For the main, 87. Yes, I am a fandom smol.

tagging: I am frequently where memes come to die so, if you have a hankering to do this, consider this your tagging.

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