Book 3 | That painful moment when we saw Zuko and Katara reach for the other from their POV *sob*

I just realized something, you see, I love the fact that Zuko jumped in front of lightning for Katara cause it shows how Zuko is as a person, not because of the implication of Zutara or whatever. Yes, it’s a beautiful scene, and it shows how strong their friendship has grown. It shows Zuko’s selflessness. But let’s say it wasn’t Katara, like maybe it was Toph or Sokka or even Suki, will Zuko do the same? A 100% yes. He’d do it without thinking, because that’s just how Zuko is.

You know what’s the best part about the Agni Kai that screams ZUTARA? It’s these; Zuko reaching out for Katara even with all the pain he’s in and Katara reaching for him in desperation even with Azula on the offensive.

From a storytelling/storyboarding perspective, these frames show that they were each other’s priorities even in the midst of the chaos. 

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