Am I the only one to find it curious that Zuko, despite not being a prodigy, learned the Dancing Dragon instantly? He just watched the dragons, it’s not like they thaught him any super technic and yet, in barely a few episodes he went from being bending-less to fighting Azula, who is an unnatural prodigy in all aspects of combat, to a draw. That’s some serious progress for a non-gifted bender.



Zuko was always a gifted bender, he was just an over-reactive, angry little shrew 2/3′s of the time. The dragons showed him the true source of fire and the element he had already mastered took on new life for him. 

Let’s not forget to mention how much confidence helps. Zuko was consumed with uncertainty, inadequacy, and frustration for most of the show, but whenever he was determined and swept the negativity away, he really shined. Zuko was always willing to fight Azula, but it wasn’t until season 3 that he believed he could win. 

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