I am so very glad that you made it here.

I’m Atomicpen in most fandom spaces–Atomic, for short–and have been involved in fandom one way or another for just about two decades now. It’s a massive part of my life: one that I love, one that has bolstered me in truly dark times, and one that has connected me to so, so many people around the world that I have come to love dearly as well. You very well might be one of them.

My main home for fandom interaction is, as of December 2018, going through some very uprooting policy changes that I don’t agree with. Because of that, I’ve taken the steps to archive my works from there, and set up shop here. I can’t say that you’ll be able to find everything here that was in the old place, but we could all use a little redecorating every now and again, so that’s how I’m approaching this. Just a little winter cleaning.

Navigation to individual pages can be found at the top. They’re divided into sections, so it should be easy to find whatever it is you’re looking or hankering for.

I’m not entirely certain just how interactive this site is, but I should have comments activated and the contact page up, as well as my fandom email address listed at the top. I don’t mind getting emails from other fandom folk, but please be respectful and judicious using it. If it starts becoming abused, I will not hesitate to take it–or any other abused modes of communication–down, or make them truncated. Aside from that, I love fandom, and I love the interactiveness of fandom. Please don’t hesitate to reach out, leave a comment, or ask a question. The community is what makes fandom as great and as lasting as it is.

So, come on in. Take a look around. I’ll put some tea on for you while you make yourself comfortable.